6 Tips For Choosing The Right Roofing Contractor in Wisconsin

Have you ever asked yourself: How can you find a reliable and trustworthy roofing contractor near me?

It’s probably the first question that comes to mind when you realize your roof needs professional attention. It’s never easy to locate a contract with the necessary experience, knowledge of materials, and industry reputation needed for your specific project. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered here at Green Bay Custom Roofing & Siding.

Before you commit to working with any roofer, we take a look at what factors you should consider when looking at potential contractors so that you’ll end up with a high-quality service at affordable prices without sacrificing their integrity or safety standards in order complete projects correctly – just like our last customer discovered after hiring us.

1. Referrals from Friends and Neighbors

Roofing is a difficult industry to navigate and when it comes to finding a reliable roofing contractor in Green Bay, WI it’s important that you find someone with the right experience. Do your research before hiring them. A good way of finding qualified contractors in town would be through first-hand referrals from friends or family members who have had work done recently on their homes. If they’re happy it doesn’t necessarily mean the company will be perfect for you, but it’s a very good starting point.

2. Vet Several Roofing Contractors Online

While online reviews can never replace personal knowledge about individuals based on time spent interacting with them, they can still give you a good indication of the type of experience you will be letting yourself in for. Always check out their reviews and if there are non, visit a website like the Better Business Burea to check out their rating. Essentially, a trustworthy roofing contractor in Green Bay, WI will have an online footprint for you to compare.

3. Licensing and Insurance

The roof of your house is an important investment that should not be taken lightly. You want to make sure it’s in good hands with professionals who have insurance, so you’re covered no matter what happens during the process. There are at least three different kinds of roofers insurance you may need:

  • workers’ compensation
  • general liability
  • surety bond

It is imperative that all construction work includes public liability and product insurance. This protects the contractor from lawsuits filed by people who have been injured during or after their projects, which can be quite costly.

4. Have a Clean-Up Strategy

When hiring a roofer, be sure to discuss cleanup plans with them. Do not underestimate the amount of debris that can be generated during roof installations and repairs. Leftover debris and materials like small nails can cause danger if left on your property after the job is done – that’s why it’s important for you to take responsibility for covering everything during project completion by scheduling final cleansings through roofs while also asking about how they will tidy up each day. Do not leave this up to chance or you may end up having to extend your project as you take a day or two to do all the clean-up yourself.

5. Set Out a Timeline

Although every project is different, it’s important to outline a proper timeline so that both parties know what they can expect from start to finish. Delays happen sometimes but if you plan for them in advance by setting clear milestones and estimated completion dates then things should get done much faster. Make sure there’s no prep work needed before installation such as cleaning or ordering materials. By taking care of some prep work, you could be saving yourself some time and money. However, if you are not able to, check with your potential roofer about the costs involved. You will likely require a visit for an assessment of your property to get a more accurate idea of how much you should be budgeting.

6. Compare As Many Quotes As You Can

Your quote may be fair, but don’t rely on it as the only Green Bay Roofing contractor that will give you the best deal possible. Research to see if you’re being quoted the right price that makes sense for your location. and make sure not only availability is taken into account when looking at other factors such as working style or references before making any decisions. Remember, when you compare estimates you are not only getting a feel for the pricing trends in your immediate location, but also a better idea of which Green Bay roofing contractor will suit your project better.