7 Factors You Can’t Ignore About Siding Companies

Important Questions To Ask Your Siding Contractor

Installing replacement siding on your home is a significant investment that you want to make sure will bring back enough return for all of its costs. That’s why, when it comes to siding companies in the Green Bay area, you really have to take some time to investigate who you will be dealing with.

In most cases, when done right by professionals who care about their workmanship like the team at Bay Custom Roofing & Siding, a correctly applied sealant helps keep moisture away while also giving an overall longer life span.

When choosing material, quality matters more than anything else because it can protect and add value through beauty with just one installation.

But these are some of the most obvious things every client knows. If you’re in the process of vetting siding companies and comparing estimates (as you should do!), here are some factors you simply shouldn’t ignore.

Always Check The Following When Comparing Siding Companies

Here are 7 factors you simply cannot ignore when you require a reliable siding contractor:

1. The Correct Licensing & Insurance

Before you hire a contractor, it’s important that they have the right insurance and licenses for your area.

Without proof of liability coverage, property damage coverage, and workers compensation insurance, DO NOT engage in any agreement. The contractor you hire should be able to back up their work with the correct documentation that will ensure the job is done not only to standard but protection against accidents and defective installations is guaranteed too.

2. Request a FREE Estimate

Just because the team here at Bay Custom Siding & Roofing stands by our workmanship. However, we still recommend that you compare estimates from siding companies near you. Comparing estimates can really give you peace of mind as you come to terms with the local pricing trends. Moreover, you really get a feel for the type of service you will be getting.

3. Warranty

It’s important to know the warranty on your siding. Some brands have very specific coverage, while others offer more general protection in certain situations – but it pays off by asking about what kind of problems are covered before you hire!

4. How Long Have They Been in Business?

There are countless fly-by-night siding contractors that pop up during storm season, trying to take advantage of people’s fear and vulnerability. To avoid these scammers focus on hiring local siding contractors who can be trusted with work such as yours!

5. Get An Accurate Breakdown

Your contract should be as specific and detailed as possible regarding the work you want to be done. It needs to indicate start dates for siding replacements, materials used in construction (like nails or lumber), what happens if there are problems during installation (like delays due to weather conditions), estimated time of completion, clean-up, and related costs, what permits are required by law and more. Be sure to ask about hidden or any unforeseen costs that may arise.

6. How Big Is Your Crew?

Installing siding is not an easy job and generally requires a crew to get the job done. Hiring a siding contractor to handle all facets of your project from start to finish will ensure that you have direct contact with the workers at any stage in order for issues or questions regarding their work on site. Subcontracting out this job might seem like an economical option, but it also means they answer only what pays them -not YOU!

7. How Do They Handle Disputes?

Disputes are an inevitable part of doing business, but they don’t have to be resolved in a negative way. If you’ve been around long enough and the company has handled your dispute well then it’s likely that customer service is important for them too.

A dispute might be small and simple like an employee asking for more hours than were scheduled to work; it could involve a contract breach by one party against another where there has been no resolution yet on what will happen next. This can leads to lawsuits.

Request a FREE Quote from Professional Siding Companies

Have you got your own list of questions to ask your potential siding contractor? We highly recommend comparing at least 3 estimates before you make your final choice. Why not go ahead and compare our prices right now!